Interesting Food in Singapore

interesting food in singapore pork belly

Looking for interesting food in Singapore? You’ve probably had a lot of Japanese food by now. But have you heard of Peranakan Japanese fusion food? Sounds pretty interesting isn’t it! That’s why I decided to give it a try at the one of its kind restaurant Uncle Kiisu.

interesting food in singapore logo

Interesting Food in Singapore – Uncle Kiisu the Decor

Located at Novena Square 2, Uncle Kiisu is a brand new restaurant strives to provide foodie a different experience. Once you walk in, you’ll be intrigued by the decoration of the restaurant. The fusion of the Peranakan Japanese elements is delightfully integrated on the logo, the tables, the wall, and even the table number display!

interesting food in singapore wall

They use mah-jong to represent table numbers, how creative is that? All these small touches just show how much thoughts and heart works the owners put inside the restaurant.

interesting food in singapore number

interesting food in singapore table

Interesting Food in Singapore – Uncle Kiisu the Food

When the food was served, I was once again amazed by how pretty the presentation was. I chose the signature Pork Belly (BellyRollMee, $12.80) and I just loved how crispy the pork belly skin was! Once you took the bite, you can taste the harmony of the belly fats melted with the mee siam. I suggest you to order this dish to share it with your friend, as one person finishing the whole piece is just too sinful!

interesting food in singapore pork belly

Apart from that, I also tried their Mentaiko “sushi” (Mentaiko Cheese Bruschetta, $3.80), which is actually You Tiao 油條 with Mentaiko sauce on top. Rather interesting concept, but a little bit too oily for me. Make sure to eat it when it’s hot, so that you can get the maximum crispiness.

interesting food in singapore sushi

The next dish is even more pretty! A unicorn on Chawamushi (Mythical Chawamushi $3.80)! The egg is really yummy, and as you devour the whole dish, the lovely unicorn jelly will also disappear for good.

interesting food in singapore chawanmushi

The feast won’t be complete without a dessert. I ordered Berry Coco Shake ($7.80) and it was really refreshing. The stack of chocolate wafers makes the whole thing so instagrammable.

interesting food in singapore coco

Uncle Kiisu the Decor – Uncle Kiisu the Culture

Apart from the food, what I truly enjoyed was understanding the business vision and mission from one of the founders Chris. The restaurant was set up not just with the aim of providing great and unique flavour of food, they also work with various social enterprises to build a better community. For example, their stylish aprons were made by disadvantaged women from Malaysia.

interesting food in singapore chris

They also has a Pay-it-Forward program, which they provide at least one complimentary meal a day to anyone they might think deserves it, because nothing makes a day feel better than having a happy belly. How cool is that!

So next time when you are around Novena, go and check out Uncle Kiisu. As you can see, the food is reasonably priced and it’s something you cannot get from outside. Most importantly, your little kindness to support this restaurant will bring a greater good to the community they are building. 😊

Check out my v-log to experience the food up close!


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