Hiking Pulpit Rock – the Most Incredible Sunrise Hike in Norway

Hiking Pulpit Rock jenna

Stavanger is one of those places I didn’t know existed, and cannot imagine many people have it high on their travel list… but they should! Instagram can truly inspire individuals to travel the world, explore and experience new places. Having stumbled across hiking Pulpit Rock myself, I immediately added it to the ‘bucket list’.

Hiking Pulpit Rock sunrise

Hiking Pulpit Rock – the Challenge

The challenge however was to somehow convince my wife (Jenna, who is scared of heights!) to get on that aircraft, hike up a mountain in the middle of the night to end on a sheer drop of 604 meters! This was certainly no easy task, the usual ‘dream holiday’ for Jenna has always been finding the perfect spot on tropical beach with the warmth of the sun, the sound of the waves crashing, and ultimately falling asleep and waking up wondering where the day has gone…

Hiking Pulpit Rock far shot cliff

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Hiking Pulpit Rock – Our Journey

We arrived at Stavanger on Friday, 10 July 2015. The forecasts was that the sun would rise at 4:42am, light cloud and a light breeze. There was no need for the waterproof pants and jacket, we put on the boots, headlamps and grabbed the hiking poles. It was around 5 degrees, what a difference 5 degrees can make!

Hiking Pulpit Rock sky

It was 2.30am – we set off, the pace was much quicker, we knew we needed to keep a steady pace, briefly stopping in a few spots to talk about the views in the distance, or taking a quick photo of the scenery. It was never completely dark – there was always a blue tinge in the sky, and it was beautiful.

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Hiking Pulpit Rock – the Most Incredible Sunrise

As we reached the vantage point, and the sun finally came out, I can’t describe in words how beautiful this was to watch… It would have to be one of the most spectacular experience of my life, to be able to sit on what feels like the top of the world, overlooking Preikestolen and the fjord, watching the beautiful colours emerge through the clouds, the crescent of the sun rising and the place transforming every second.

Hiking Pulpit Rock jenna

Once we watched the sunrise, we went down to stand on Pulpit Rock, or in my case, stick my head over the edge to see exactly how high we were! We spent around 25 minutes on Preikestolen itself, but it is somewhere I could have spent hours! We got some spectacular photos, Jenna even partially conquered her greatest fear and stood near the edge for some unforgettable photos.

Hiking Pulpit Rock selfie

We then started our hike down which was again around 2 hours and we made it to the lodge for breakfast before heading back to the Scandic Stavanger Park hotel for a power nap and some leisure in town!

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Hiking Pulpit Rock –  Back to Stavanger

Stavanger town itself is quite picturesque with its pastel coloured buildings, the Old Town with the quaint little houses painted in white, and of course the Vikings’ Three Swords in Rock (Sverd I Fjell), but you won’t need more than a day to explore what it has to offer.

Hiking Pulpit Rock Stavanger

The most important thing when traveling to Norway, is to remember that nothing is open on Sunday.  It’s against the law to have stores (other than small convenience stores, restaurants and museums open to the public.) For the Norwegians, this day of rest is not necessarily all that relaxing, the majority of them spend the day outdoors hiking, canoeing or riding their bikes (even in the rain!)

Hiking Pulpit Rock – Tour Guide

I knew the only way to convince my wife to do this hike, would be to arrange a guided tour, someone who knows the area and won’t take us anywhere that isn’t appropriate for our ability. It was the best decision we made. We booked with Outdoorlife Norway and the guide / owner Johannes, is knowledgeable, very friendly and highly recommended.

Hiking Pulpit Rock tour guide

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Hiking Pulpit Rock –  Accommodation

We stayed at two different hotels whilst in Stavanger. We first stayed at the Radisson Blu, followed by Scandic Stavanger Park. Both are very good hotels, with a few differences. The breakfast at the Radisson Blu has more to offer, but the rooms at the Scandic are much nicer and newer.

Hiking Pulpit Rock hotel Stavanger

Hiking Pulpit Rock –  Food and Drink

We ate at a few places (see below!) but the highlight for us would be Døgnville burgers!

Hiking Pulpit Rock is one of the best experience I’ve ever had. Make sure you go for the sunrise hike to enjoy the nature’s true beauty. If you want to find out more about our sunrise hiking trip to Pulpit Rock, check out our blog post. Have a great trip!

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