Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend blue mountain

Sydney is such a destination spot for Australia. The city is filled with so many things to do and see! Your weekends here will never get boring. Here are the top fun things to do in Sydney this weekend.

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend bridge

Jeromie and I moved to Australia two years ago for his job as a professional basketball player. We were located near Olympic Park, and traveled around New South Wales taking advantage of our time there!

Sydney is the biggest city in Australia and the easiest city to fly into from around the world. Getting to Australia might be a pain because the flights are long and expensive, but there is so much to explore when you’re here!

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Australia depends on what you feel like! If you prefer warmer weather, we would suggest in November (at the beginning of summer) or March (at the end of summer). The middle of summer is very hot and tends to be very crowded. The winter months are also a great time to visit because the city will be less crowded and usually means better deals! The trade off is that the weather will be much cooler and beach days will be limited.

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend animal

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What to do in Sydney?

The top places to visit in Sydney are the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Taronga Zoo, and our favourite road trip to the Blue Mountains!

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend – Harbour Bridge Climb

The Harbour Bridge was built at the end of the 19th century and is an icon to Australia. If you have the time, definitely splurge and do the Harbour Bridge Climb! We did a night climb starting at 7 pm and it was one of the best experiences! The climb varies in price depending on what time you choose and what time of the year it is. I think we paid close to $200 AUD a person. You must book this way in advance because they do sell out of times quickly!! If a climb is not in your budget, you could always walk across the bridge for free!

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend bridge climb

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Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend – Tour The Opera House

The Opera House is the most iconic place to visit in all of Sydney! It is definitely a hot spot to hang out at too! They have all kinds of shows that I would suggest going to! Personally, we think that buying a ticket to a show would be much better than taking the Opera House tour. If you purchase tickets to a show, you can enter into the Opera House early and walk to the back behind the stage and see 180 degree views of the harbor, enjoy a drink at the bar there and have a cheese platter. We did all of this!

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend opera house

If you have no desire to see a show, the Opera bar sits just below the Opera house and has great views, is outside, and is such a hot spot for cocktail hour. The drinks may be a bit on the expensive side (but everything in Australia is!) around $10-15 AUD for a glass of wine.

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend food

The ambiance is very lively and a lot of millenials that work in the city come here after work! Once the shows at the Opera House start around 7:30 PM the place kind of clears out and there’s live music playing some nights! You do have to fight for a table since its first come first serve, but most people are super nice and will let you share their table if there are extra seats!

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Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend – Have Fun in Taronga Zoo

Take a day trip to Taronga Zoo! You can purchase an OPAL card (public transport card) at Circular Quay (between the Opera House and Harbour Bridge) and take a ferry directly to Taronga Zoo! Buy your tickets ahead of time instead of at the Entrance and you can take the gondola up! The zoo is located on a cliff side and has the best views of Sydney CDB. The animals are so lively and they have a really great Australian Animal section. You can even pet a kangaroo or wallaby! Tickets are $41.40 AUD per adult.

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend zoo

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend – Visit Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are definitely the stand out in the Sydney area! It’s a bit trickier to get here as you would need a car! You can take public transport (i.e the train) but it would take 4 hours round trip to get to one city versus an hour and a half and hop from town to town throughout the day. They also offer bus trip packages that might work for you!

Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend blue mountain

The car drive is just an hour and a half from the city! Just hop on the M4 and take the road all the way down! The Blue Mountains are a series of lookouts of canyons covered in Eucalyptus trees. The Eucalyptus trees let off a bluish hue in the mornings when the dew settles on the leaves. There are tons of bushwalks or just lookouts if you don’t feel like exercising but still getting the great views.

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Fun Things To Do In Sydney This Weekend scenery

The first lookout we would go to is Lincoln’s Rock on the King’s Tableland. This is a left turn off of the M4 just before Wentworth Falls. You kind of have to drive through a neighbourhood and take a right turn into a road that leads into a dirt road. Great views and completely free! The most famous lookout is in Katoomba called the Three Sisters. It’s basically three mountain tops carved out really close to each other that the Aboriginals find very spiritual.

There are restaurants nearby, a lookout spot, and also walking trails. Katoomba is also a pretty city to wander around filled with small shops and cafes. We would suggest finding a bakery and grabbing a sausage roll or meat pie for lunch, an Australian classic 😉

There’s just SO much to do out there, you could spend a weekend visiting all of the small towns and doing the bushwalks!

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