My experience with Sydney Skydivers death (I nearly…)

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I was in total shock when I read the news about a Singaporean adventurous traveller, Mario Low Ke Wei, together with his sky-diving instructor Adrian Lloyd, plunged to death on Saturday (July 15), after a 4,200m-high dive.

I was there, at the exact same spot, two years ago. We chose the exact skydiving Sydney package, jumped from the same location, Picton. I could remember as I was sitting nervously in the plane, the air got increasingly cold. And eventually we were above the clouds. The world below us became a mini puzzle, joint up together by many tiny pieces.

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Then my instructor John asked me to inch slowly to the edge of the plane. Although before I hopped onto the plane, I knew that our fate tied together. But it was only when I was sitting on the edge, I realised that my whole life was depending on him. Since I made the decision to do it, I had no regrets.

It makes me wonder if Mario had the same thoughts as me. Despite knowing that skydiving has its danger, he made the decision to challenge himself. According to his family, Mario is afraid of heights. But he still took on the challenge to conquer his fear. It’s unfortunate that this accident happened. If not, he could say it with proud: “I did it!”

Sydney Skydivers death mario

Photo: Facebook/mariolowkewe

Mario passed away at 29 years old. He’s such a young and brilliant man. Did he have regrets taking the plunge? Who wouldn’t? If he knew it was going to happen, I’m sure he wouldn’t take the risk. But accident is never predictable.

This accident once again reminds me that how fragile our lives are. At one moment, we may be laughing with our friends, crying out loud or quarrelling with our loved ones. The next moment, we may be gone. Snap! Just like that.

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Does Mario’s story inspire you to relook at your life differently? Do you want to spend your last moment feeling angry, sad, dissatisfied, regretful? Or do you want to cherish every moment, and smile as much as possible, help as many as possible, love as unconditionally as you can, as you never know when it’s going to be your last moment.

I also want to pay my respect to the instructor Adrian Lloyd. A man in his 60s, Adrian spent more than 20 years of his life being a skydiving instructor. I believe in his professionalism and his passion for skydiving. I believe he’s as capable as my life saver instructor John, and he would never want this accident to happen.

Sydney Skydivers death adrian

Photo: The Daily Telegraph

To adventurous souls out there, if you love skydiving, or you want to try out skydiving, don’t let this accident hamper you. It’s one of the best experience you can ever have. Nevertheless, get yourself with proper insurance coverage should anything happen. Insurance company like World Nomad covers extreme sports including Sky Diving.

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Last but not least, to skydiving centres out there, I hope this incident can further heighten preventive measures, so that travellers like us can continue to enjoy this sport safely.

Mario and Adrian, may both of you rest in peace.

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