Georgia One Week Itinerary fiance

“Indeed, there exists something like a contagion of travel, and the disease is essentially incurable.” Ryszard Kapuściński, Travels with Herodotus

Georgia One Week Itinerary fiance

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I live in Poland. I have a great fiance with whom I share the passion of traveling. We were both born in a time when communism was in our country and no one expected the Soviet Union was going to fall apart soon. Thanks to our origin we better understand some people from the former Soviet republics which we begin to discover. It all started 20 years ago when we set out on our first trip – hitchhiking through Croatia. At that time we knew that this trip is only beginning of our great adventure and since then we have already visited 25 countries, some of them several times, such as the beautiful Georgia. I wrote a post about Georgia one week itinerary. Hope you find it helpful!

Why do we like traveling? Because we become better people, we begin to notice and appreciate things we have not been aware of until now. We learn the world. Travels open our minds to the world and to the other people, let us know and accept that the world is diverse and not everything revolves around us only and our culture. Each journey teaches us respect for other people, cultures, and religions. And we meet wonderful people on our way, of course. It is worth to travel for all these reasons.

I hope you enjoy my stories and I will inspire you to visit these places. Follow me on Instagram @elzbietarebisz