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Finding Peace In Thanlyin Myanmar Dianna

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Aloha fellow travelers!

My name is Deanna! I was born and raised in the state of New Jersey until the age of 21. After having second guesses about my studies, I decided to pick up and move my whole life over to the Big Island of Hawaii! I am a photographer with a passion for traveling, yoga, and alternative medicine. I decided to travel at this age because I realized traveling is the best medicine one can have! To experience different cultures and new places shines the spirit and helps one to grow into their full self!

Finding Peace In Thanlyin Myanmar Dianna

I have been traveling since 2014, I haven’t stayed in one consecutive spot for over a year! I am always looking for new places to explore, friends to visit and opportunities to expand myself! I traveled Asia for 7 months straight, during that time I studied yoga and Ayurveda in Southern India, motorbiked & camped through Laos & Vietnam, hitchhiked through Cambodia & Thailand, volunteered in Myanmar and wrapped it all up with another stop to Northern India. This journey was only the beginning to the next. It all leads you to where you are meant to go!

My travel philosophy is; Life is a journey. When we go to experience different places and connect with others around the globe, we are given keys that help us to unlock little treasures within ourselves. Never stop moving, never stop doing, never stop traveling.

Be sure to check out my article on Finding Peace In Thanlyin Myanmar and learn more about volunteering opportunity in the beautiful country.  You can also see more of my travels on my Instagram @slightlyspiritual.

Finding Peace In Thanlyin Myanmar meditation

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