1. Rashmi & Chalukya

    Dalat looks like a beautiful place. The cable car ride has wonderful views and the Pongour Waterfall is magnificent. Thanks for sharing the detailed information.

  2. Dalat looks like a great holiday destination! I particularly like the cable car, night market and Elephant waterfall – but all the places you have mentioned sound great. I was very interested to read about your experience with the Kopi Luwak because I first saw it in a cafe down here in Australia where they charged $AUD50 per cup! I didn’t try it then – too expensive – but my brother in law bought some and made it for me on his coffee machine! When I tasted it I thought it was very smooth, but not worth $50 a cup, haha! But now I can tell everyone I’ve tried cat-poo coffee!

  3. megan_claire

    Thanks for this guide! We have long dreamed of visiting Vietnam though hadn’t heard of Dalat yet – however as outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts it sounds like our place! The waterfalls and the mountains are incredible 🙂

  4. Wow some amazing scenery in this part of the world. A cable vcar ride is always popular with the kids in our house and we done many including Dubrivnik and Zakopane. We are hoping to visit Asia soon and this region will be onn top of our list

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