Who is Chelsea? Chelsea is a 24-year-old Texas native currently living in Melbourne, Australia with her partner. After graduating from Texas State University with a double major in journalism and sociology, she worked as an event coordinator in Austin, Texas. It is there where she met her partner and fellow adventurer, Mac. Chelsea has traveled Read more about Chelsea[…]

Lianne Bronzo

Lianne Brozo

Who’s Lianne Brozo? Hi. I’m Lianne Brozo, a Korean-American adoptee but I always thought I was just American. Until I went abroad. I started my blog to document my first travels abroad upon graduating university in 2010. My best friend and I took a backpack and gallivanted around Thailand before I went to Korea solo, the Read more about Lianne Brozo[…]

Cool Things To Do In Korea

Cool Things To Do In Korea (Part 1)

South Korea is an underrated travel destination. The tiny country may not have as many famous landmarks as neighboring China and Japan, but Korea is a truly rewarding and authentic place to visit. Since there are few tourists, it feels raw and real. From ultramodern cities with nightlife and shopping galore to hidden islands, traditional Read more about Cool Things To Do In Korea (Part 1)[…]

Little Corn Island Blog beach

Little Corn Island Blog – A True Caribbean Experience

I was traveling the Pacific Coast side of Nicaragua, and missed the turquoise waters and cooler breezes of the Caribbean. So I jumped on a tiny air plane and took an impromptu flight across the country to the tiny Corn Islands. And this impromptu decision is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I Read more about Little Corn Island Blog – A True Caribbean Experience[…]

Driving Europe on a shoestring landscape

Driving Europe On A Shoestring

Ever wonder how you can traveling around Europe on a shoestring? The answer is easy. Just drive a van and go. We often get asked: what is the best thing about living in a van? Is it sleeping under the stars? Cooking outdoors? Camping way up in the mountains surrounded by only nature and wildlife? Read more about Driving Europe On A Shoestring[…]

Zanzibar Travel Tips turtle

Zanzibar Travel Tips Season 2

Last week, I talked about Zanzibar Travel Tips. If you haven’t gotten my not so subtle hints to add Zanzibar, Tanzania to the top of your travel bucket list, here’s another tip. Add Zanzibar, Tanzania to the top of your travel bucket list!! xx Zanzibar Travel Tips – What to Do Why I say that? Because this Read more about Zanzibar Travel Tips Season 2[…]

Fun things to do in Penang street art

Fun things to do in Penang

Penang is a wonderful destination that embraces modernity while retaining its traditions and old world charm. I chose to visit Penang because I was keen on seeing George Town, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, thanks to its numerous Chinese style shop houses found all over the island. And I’m glad Read more about Fun things to do in Penang[…]