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Best of Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a little less on the radar of tourists than cities like Barcelona or Amsterdam, but I always consider that a blessing. I checked out Lisbon in March this year, and while the main attractions were certainly busy, they were nothing compared to those in Paris where I had been Read more about Best of Lisbon[…]

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Brina and Marco

About Brina and Marco Brina and Marco are two young professionals living in Ottawa, Canada who are passionate about travel and exploration. Our curious minds drive us to learn more about places and people and our creative minds allow us to share our experiences with YOU! Our goal is to live and travel frugally and collect Read more about Brina and Marco[…]


Elizabeth Rhodes

About Elizabeth Rhodes, Elizabeth Everywhere I’m a university student based in the southeastern United States, studying political science, law, and business. I’ve been traveling internationally since I was 13 years old, and I’ve crossed 20 countries off my list so far. I absolutely love traveling because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people, Read more about Elizabeth Rhodes[…]

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How To Choose The Right African Safari Guide

When planning your vacation to explore the African Safari, it’s wise to do a little homework before embarking your journey. Many people may feel overwhelmed at first and don’t know what is the right African Safari Guide for them. After all, it’s a YOLO and EXPENSIVE experience. That’s why it totally makes sense to want to spend Read more about How To Choose The Right African Safari Guide[…]

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Top Secret: Prague Travel Tips

My best experience until now was to do an internship in Prague, Czech Republic. It was one year ago and it was my first trip alone. I was sent for a placement and to live few weeks in the Europe center. Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. People told me that Prague was beautiful Read more about Top Secret: Prague Travel Tips[…]

Jeromie and Madeline Hill

Jeromie and Madeline Hill

Ab0ut Jeromie and Madeline Hill Hi, Jeromie and Madeline Hill here- the couple behind @thewininghills ! We are an Australian/American couple who has lived in Australia for the past two years while Jeromie has lived out his dream being a professional basketball player! Before Australia, we lived in San Antonio, Texas, where we went to uni. Read more about Jeromie and Madeline Hill[…]