Brina and Marco

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About Brina and Marco

Brina and Marco are two young professionals living in Ottawa, Canada who are passionate about travel and exploration. Our curious minds drive us to learn more about places and people and our creative minds allow us to share our experiences with YOU! Our goal is to live and travel frugally and collect priceless experiences along the way. You can read more about experiences at and follow us at @hashtagtourists.

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A little more about Brina

I have a knack for social media, content creation, promoting, reviewing and much more! I love to be creative through means of photography, visual arts, and digital marketing. By day I am a Human Resources professional and by night I take to the camera and the web to get creative!

A little more about Marco

Marco is a beach loving, sand loving, sun loving man! Originally from Venezuela he grew up at the beach and in the tropics. He has a strong skill set for computing, programming and design and is very talented in the area of visual arts. By day Marco is a Computer Science Engineering student who hopes to one day own/run his own business!

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