Best Singapore Food Promo — All Food $1 ONLY!

Best Singapore Food Promo

Don’t say bojio! I discovered a super undervalued dining place in Singapore, right beside Garden by the bay – Satay by the bay! Here’s how you can enjoy the best Singapore food promo and eat like a king with everything at just $1!

UOB is running a super awesome promotion to encourage customers to spend with e-money! As long as you have a UOB card and install UOB Almighty, Android Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay in your smartphone, you can enjoy the great offer!

Best Singapore Food Promo

What’s so great about this promotion? You can eat all you want with just $1 in many participating stores. Some awesome deals include:

  • $1 for 10 Satay ($0.1 each!!!)
  • $1 Huge Bowl of Strawberry Shave Ice
  • $1 Fried Carrot Cake
  • $1 Coin Prata
  • $1 Claypot Rice
  • $1 Mee Goreng
  • $1 Chicken Kebab
  • $1 Popcorn Chicken with Cheese


The promotion is only valid until 31 Dec 2017. Your favorite local delight is on sale! Hurry up go and grab the deal TODAY!