Best of Lisbon

best of lisbon

best of lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a little less on the radar of tourists than cities like Barcelona or Amsterdam, but I always consider that a blessing. I checked out Lisbon in March this year, and while the main attractions were certainly busy, they were nothing compared to those in Paris where I had been a few days before (want to read more about that trip? Check out my post about the best views in Paris). It’s so warm in Portugal that the tourist off-season (November – April) is always a good time to head to Lisbon. Here is the Best of Lisbon that I think is worth a stop while you’re there!

Best of Lisbon – Sintra

best of lisbon view

Sintra isn’t technically in Lisbon, but it’s definitely the best day trip that Lisbon has to offer. Sintra has 2 castles in the mountains, the Moorish castle and the Pena Palace – make sure you go to both! A lot of the lazier tourists take the bus up to the palaces, but I hiked with a 63-year-old family member, so it’s doable (if he can do it, you can/should too) and also free and better for the environment!

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best of lisbon building

best of lisbon hiking

Best of Lisbon – Castelo São Jorge

best of lisbon town

Castelo Sao Jorge is pretty architecturally similar to the Moorish castle at Sintra, but it’s worth it regardless for the views over Lisbon. There are also peacocks (if you have nothing better to do, follow one around for awhile and wait for it to open its feathers) and plenty of places to buy wine to enjoy your view.

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best of lisbon charming view

best of lisbon peacock

Best of Lisbon – The Miradouros

best of lisbon sunset

If you’re looking for more views than the one at the Castelo, go to one of the Miradouros, which literally means viewpoint. In case you haven’t noticed from your burning calves while walking around the city, Lisbon is known for its many hills, which provide some great views. The best part is that they’re completely free. Read more on my best viewpoints in Lisbon post!

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best of lisbon seaview

Best of Lisbon – Rua Augusta Arch

best of lisbon rua

The Rua Augusta Arch is one of the most recognized sites in Lisbon, and it’s easy to see why. You can walk around the arch and the surrounding plaza for free, or pay to go to the top for a better view. I recommend heading here in the evening, as there are a variety of restaurants and the sunset over the river and the Christ statue is just breathtaking.

best of lisbon sunset view

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Best of Lisbon – Pantheon

best of lisbon architecture

There are a few good things to see at the Pantheon besides the neoclassical architecture. You can take the stairs up to the dome and get a great view of the city and the water. Also, around the corner from the Pantheon is Lisbon’s largest street mural, which is travel themed.

best of lisbon street

Best of Lisbon – Belem Tower

The Belem tower is a UNESCO world heritage site and used to be a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. Nearby (2 mins walking) are the Jeronimos monastery and the monument to the discoveries, both of which are cultural icons of Lisbon.

best of lisbon belem tower

Did I miss any of your favourite sites in Lisbon? Contact me through my blog Weave Through the World and let me know. Make sure to check out and share some of my other posts while you’re there!

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