What’s the Best 5 Star Hotel in Yangon?

Southeast Asia is gaining so much popularity nowadays. People all over the world are so into exploring Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. It seems that Myanmar is the last hidden gem that remains untouched. With Myanmar gradually opening herself to the rest of the world, the country is growing at an astonishing speed. Yangon, the largest city, no doubt becomes the first stop for many international travelers. If you are wondering what’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon? Meet Sedona.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon sedona

Why stay in 5 star hotel in Yangon?

You may be wondering why you should stay in a 5 star hotel in Yangon. The reason is simple – you get to enjoy ultimate luxury at an incredible price! With only less than $150 a day, you get to enjoy first class service, stay in the most luxurious room, indulge in top-notched facilities and savour delicious intercontinental breakfast… I haven’t found any other country with this kind of super 5-star hotel experience at such an amazing price. But in Yangon, you have it all!

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon pool view

Best 5 star hotel in Yangon – Why Sedona?

As I was researching which 5 star hotel to stay in Yangon, I came across Sedona Hotel, which intrigued me with its name. Sedona, the beautiful city in Arizona? Later I found out that the name Sedona is derived from pure white Dendrobium Sedona orchid, which exemplifies warmth, graciousness and personable hospitality. That is the exact feeling you are going to get when you visit Sedona hotel.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon sedona hotel

There are so many good reviews about the hotel on booking.com and Trip Advisor. When I looked closely, the hotel just opened a brand new building – Inya Wing in May 2016. “How perfect to stay in a brand new 5 star hotel”, I thought to myself.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon lobby

I also found out that the hotel is the LARGEST 5 star hotel in Yangon, situating right next to the famous Inya Lake. It means that you can actually look out of your window and admire the gorgeous lake in your own room. Isn’t it awesome?

So without hesitation, I booked 3 nights with Sedona Hotel. They turned out to be the best nights I had throughout my trip to Myanmar.

Best 5 star hotel in Yangon – Sedona Location

Sitting majestically on eight acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, Sedona Hotel Yangon is a 20-minute drive away from the international airport and the bustling city center.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon inya lake

The hotel is situated right next to the Inya Lake, and is only 10 mins drive to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda, the most sacred Buddhist site in Yangon. There’s a huge shopping mall Myanmar Plaza right across the street, making dinning and shopping so easy.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon inya wing

Best 5 star hotel in Yangon – Sedona Experience

Once you step into the hotel, you’ll be greeted by many smiley faces, a cup of refreshing welcome drink and your luggage will be well taken care of by a lobby boy.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon reception

As you enter your room, you’ll be so delighted by the beautiful decorations. It’s a fusion of local ethnic element with a contemporary touch. I really love the cosy atmosphere the room exudes.

best 5 star hotel in Yangon room

The bathroom is another highlight. The bathtub is huge and white, and you can actually watch TV while soaking in the hot bath.

best 5 star hotel in Yangon bath

Sedona also uses very high-quality toiletry products – L’occitane. I’m seriously surprised when I saw this brand. It’s such a wonderful treat for your skin.

best 5 star hotel in Yangon toiletry

To our delight, we were given a bottle of red wine and a delicious high-tea set as welcome gifts. The texture and the taste of the wine were just so good.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon lounge wine

Nothing beats having a toast while admiring the beautiful lake view outside of the window.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon lounge wine tasting

Best 5 star hotel in Yangon – Sedona Club Lounge

If you are a Club or Suite guest at Inya Wing, you can also access to the Executive Club Lounge at level 25. The Executive Club Lounge comes equipped with a dedicated concierge; and is ideal for small meetings, reading or simply relaxing.

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon lounge me

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon lounge

Guests can also enjoy a good selection of food and beverages throughout the day at no extra cost. If you prefer a more private dining or a relaxing morning breakfast, the Club Lounge will be perfect for you.

best 5 star hotel in Yangon food

Alternatively, you can dine at the restaurant at level 2, which serves an even wider range of food, including hand-make Chinese noodle, steak, sushi, traditional Myanmar dishes and other international cuisines.

best 5 star hotel in Yangon hand make noodle

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon noodle

Best 5 star hotel in Yangon – Sedona Facilities

Ready to take a dip into the pool? Sedona has the largest outdoor pool in Yangon! Yangon seems to be suitable for a swim throughout the year. Although during winter, the temperature is lower, the sun is still very bright, making it ideal for a swim.

The hotel also has a huge gym overlooking the spacious pool. All the machines are brand new. It’ll give you such a motivation to work out!

What’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon lounge gym

Sedona is also the one hotel that carries luxury brands like Frank Muller. Apart from that, they also carry other luxury retail stores.

best 5 star hotel in Yangon frank muller

All in all, my stay with Sedona was absolutely amazing. I totally enjoyed the luxurious comfort, delicious food and most importantly, the warm hospitality. All staff speaks good English and they always go for the extra mile to help you. If you ask me what’s the best 5 star hotel in Yangon? It’s got to be Sedona. Book your stay with Sedona tonight.

To find out more about Sedona Hotel, you can also check out their Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

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  • I have heard that Myanmar is becoming more popular with tourists and have been anxious about visiting the country before it gets too crowded. But I didn’t expect there to be such a luxurious hotel. I don’t know why. It has all the amenities of a five star but is so cheap!

    • It’s just really awesome to indulge in luxury once in a while. And Sedona has it all!

  • This hotel look excellent so warm, welcoming and luxurious. The gym and pool are facilities that one would expect at a 5 star hotel. The food looked nutritious but defiantly yummy.

  • Aimee Horgan

    Wow, this hotel looks so beautiful and luxurious. Its so nice to treat yourself sometimes.

  • Vyjay Rao

    Myanmar is definitely a pristine destination. The fact that it has maintained a low profile compared to the other countries of SE Asia adds to its charm. This is a country we would love to head to. The Sedona hotel looks like the ultimate in luxury. I love its subdued and elegant decor which reflects good taste. Luxury at less then $150 is indeed great value for money.

    • I totally agree too. No where else can you find such a luxury at this amazing price!

  • megan_claire

    It really does seem like Myanmar is the last hidden gem in SE Asia that remains untouched. I’m really hoping to get there before mass tourism appears, I would love an authentic experience. Amazing that you can get star accommodation for as little as $150 a night – that’s incredible value for money! Sedona sounds like an incredible base, not just for the service but also location. Love the décor inside; I totally didn’t picture Myanmar as having these type of amenities. Thanks for the review!

    • Glad you find it helpful Megan. Myanmar is really a beautiful country waiting to be explored!