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Unusual Sports UK – Fun & Cheap Holiday in UK

There are at least 15 easy ways to reduce your travel expenses according to a Huffpost article by travel blogger Christine Johnson. At the top of the list is looking for free or extremely cheap activities to do. Well, you’re in luck because the UK has a whole lot of those in the form of obscure sports, Read more about Unusual Sports UK – Fun & Cheap Holiday in UK[…]

High Uinta Backpacking – the Guide to Wilderness

The High Uinta wilderness in Utah is one of my favorite places to visit. If you enjoy the outdoors, then the High Uinta wilderness will not disappoint as it has tons of options for things to do and places to go. It’s a heaven for fishing, hiking, backpacking and camping. Here’s my High Uinta backpacking guide. Where is High Uinta? The High Uinta wilderness Read more about High Uinta Backpacking – the Guide to Wilderness[…]

Singapore Backpacking Itinerary sentosa bridge

Singapore Backpacking Itinerary

We wanted to start our trip in Australia but the duration of the flight was so long we decided to make a stopover. After some research we fell for Singapore: the smallest country of South East Asia. Backpackers often avoid this country because the high cost. But in reality, it was not as expensive as Read more about Singapore Backpacking Itinerary[…]

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Estonia Travel Guide – 7 Ways to Experience Estonia

So, have you heard of Estonia? Land of the fair-skinned, blond-haired, sauna-loving, alcohol-guzzling, penny-pinching, meat-jelly-devouring, shy but unbelievably cordial hypochondriacs? No? Well, let’s get acquainted, with this Estonia Travel Guide. Estonia Travel Guide – Where is Estonia? Estonia is a country of about 1.3 million citizens situated in northern Europe, just opposite Finland. The whereabouts are Read more about Estonia Travel Guide – 7 Ways to Experience Estonia[…]

Travel and Leisure Mexico City beaches

Travel and Leisure Mexico City

Most people who travel to Mexico restrict themselves to Yucatan peninsula and southern Mexico. Therefore, they miss out on one of the most incredible and misunderstood cities in the world – Mexico’s buzzing capital Mexico City. As part of my Master degree, I spent a semester at an university in Mexico City from January until Read more about Travel and Leisure Mexico City[…]

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Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei – Magic of Finders Hotel

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it or not, but there’s a little child living inside you. All you need is to experience something, or meet someone that can spark off the kid spirit in you. Recently when I went to Taiwan Taipei, I was delighted to stay in a hotel that triggers my Read more about Fairy-tale theme hotel Taipei – Magic of Finders Hotel[…]

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Guide to Apoyo Lagoon – Rejuvenating Gem of Nicaragua

There was something mesmerizing when I saw photos of the  lagoon. It looked very scenic but lonely one, a place where I imagined to reflect and finding peacefulness from chaos – not from cities but from my mind. That is Apoyo Lagoon, a rejuvenating gem of Nicaragua. PC: Apoyo Lodge Where is Apoyo Lagoon?  Apoyo Lagoon, which Read more about Guide to Apoyo Lagoon – Rejuvenating Gem of Nicaragua[…]