Scottish Highlands Things To Do


About Sonia Finding my Roaming Footprint – one breath at a time… Hiya, I’m Sonia Holloway and I have a love for the simple sustainable budget lifestyle and travel; photography; volunteering; general exploring and everything in-between.  Though my blog and Facebook pages, The Roaming Footprint, are under construction, this hasn’t stopped me from documenting my Read more about Sonia[…]

Scottish Highlands Things To Do COVER

Scottish Highlands Things To Do

I fell in love with the Scottish Highlands after a five-day tour at the beginning of 2017 and vowed I would return to discover more of this stunning land.  In September 2017, I found myself with a week free and purchased a £18 return coach ticket with Megabus (from London to Glasgow return); it was Read more about Scottish Highlands Things To Do[…]

Experience Barcelona Like A Local

7 Ways to Experience Barcelona Like A Local

Hey you! What do you know about Barcelona? Do you want to experience Barcelona like a local? Well, you surely know that is a great city with lots of crazy parties and nice beaches. That was the image I had about it, and I was proved right when I first came here to spend a Read more about 7 Ways to Experience Barcelona Like A Local[…]

Organized Packing for Travel toiletry organiser

[FREE GIVEAWAY] Best Toiletry Bag Travel

If you are looking for the best toiletry bag to travel, look no further. We are giving you the perfect bag to keep your travel essentials organized for FREE! This Toiletry Bag by @globalcitizendesigns1 will keep you organized while traveling. It has 2 detachable compartments, zippered pockets, and elastic loops to hold my toothbrush, razor, Read more about [FREE GIVEAWAY] Best Toiletry Bag Travel[…]

Planning Road Trip Around Australia cable beach

Planning Road Trip Around Australia

You may think “weird”! An Italian couple sharing a story about Australia?! Yes, just like this 🙂 Honestly we love Italy and maybe in the future I will tell you about the magic island Sardinia with amazing beaches and stunning landscape. But this time I want to share our awesome road-trip around Australia – 35 Read more about Planning Road Trip Around Australia[…]

travel with others miya

How to Travel with Others

I fancy myself a fairly experienced traveler, having traveled both domestically and internationally by myself or travel with others. You should know that my definition of traveling includes getting to know someplace new by experiencing and learning about that place’s culture and history, while simultaneously giving back to the community there. For me, traveling involves Read more about How to Travel with Others[…]