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Travel is my number one love. The freedom, wonder and excitement of embarking on a trip is so tantalizing to me. I also love reaching out to people in faraway places. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had pen-pals all across the globe. The thrill of getting a hand written letter that has traveled so far to get to you, was so magical for me. Writing to people across this world established by sense of curiosity and adventure, I knew from a young age I wanted to see the world.


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My travel philosophy would be to tread lightly. Be culturally aware and sensitive toward the places you visit. When it comes to international travel, ignorance is not bliss. Travel is always a special time for reflection on your own life’s blessings, so I always show gratitude for my experiences and appreciate how lucky I am to be Australian.

Growing up in Australia, we are fairly isolated from the Western world. My family took a trips to Fiji, Vanuatum, Bali and New Zealand when I was growing up. As an adult, I was eager to venture further abroad. I took off backpacking Europe for 12 months as a right of passage more Aussies do. I also did the typical Aussie abroad scenario in Canada for a winter season. Most recently, I traveled extensively through Central America. I love visiting the US, it has a captivating charm and the people are vivacious.

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My second passion to traveling is happiness. Not just momentary happiness, but living a life of meaningful connection. My Happy Daze blog and Instagram delve deeper into my philosophies about adventure and happiness.

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