Kia Hui

Hi, I’m Kia Hui! My job as a journalist takes me to many places around Singapore, my passion for travel takes me to places beyond Singapore.

I have little money and little time, so I like to make full use of both when I travel, and good planning is how I do so. Most people enjoy travelling yet dread planning for it, but I love every part of the experience. Each trip is like a three-part trilogy – imagining it while planning, living it while travelling and reminiscing it through photos.

I’ve been to Taiwan nine times, one step away from my tenth. If Taiwan is my second home, Osaka/Kyoto is my third, and I hope to make Europe my fourth. After visiting Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Germany in 2016, I hope to visit London, Czech Republic and Austria, or Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro in 2017.