About Adrienne


I’m Adrienne, a 20-something once small town girl, turned big city girl, turned full-time wanderer. I’m married to a man with the same exact story, but he’s much harrier. While we travel, the husband (he has a name, it’s Andrew), runs an Advertising Agency based in NYC. I still don’t understand how, but he does it from his computer. I focus on travel research/planning and a for-purpose clothing line we started a few months back called The Robe Lives. We work NYC hours, so usually we frolic around during the day and we work at night, which puts a wee damper on our weeknight partying, but our livers are quite thankful for that!

33 Countries

We’ve been to 33 countries in the last three years, with no end in sight, and if we’re lucky, the end will never come! I enjoy travel, because for me, life in one place lacks stimulation and personal growth. Also, I have the attention span of a toddler, so I have zero ability to sit still for long.

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Travel Philosophy

Our travel philosophy is to stay somewhere long enough to grasp the culture, get to know the locals, and leave before you develop a routine or get too comfortable. Some may say it’s a shallow way of life, but I have the one deep relationship I need and that’s with my handsome, hairy, hilarious, husband. That’s right, Andrew’s all the great “H” words. So sappy, I sort of hate myself for that.

Adrienne and Andrew

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