5 Best Travel Workout – Staying Fit When Traveling

5 best travel workout title

5 best travel workout title

Heading off on a holiday provides you with a great opportunity to treat yourself – but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily ignore your health. I know, the thoughts of having to exercise during your trips may sound ridiculous to you. Random thoughts like “It’s supposed to be a relaxing/sinful trip!” or “I have no time to hit the gym!” may just run across your mind. But travel lovers, exercising during your trips is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, it’s so simple that you may not even realise you are doing it! In my opinion, traveling can be the best time to stay fit with the proper travel workout. Here are 5 best travel workouts to stay fit when traveling.

Travel Workout No 1 – Watch What You Eat

Don’t forgo a snack if you feel like it, but also pay attention to what you’re putting into your body. You’d be amazed how many calories you’ll find in foods from across the world, with some of the numbers including:

  • Hamburger and chips – 629cal
  • Normal sized pizza – 1000cal
  • Fish and chips – 838cal

Allow yourself a treat every now and then, but don’t subsidise a regular daytime snack for something which you would normally only consume as a dinner. The calorie counter will slowly tick over your recommended daily allowance (2500 for men and 2000 for women).

Travel Workout No 2 – Do lots of walking

It’s easy to get chauffeured around on public transport, but why not instead elect to walk to as many locations as you can. The best way of really utilising this type of exercise, would be by choosing to specifically head out on a walking holiday. These will provide you with a terrific chance to keep your cardio primed at all times, while also allowing you to bask in a number of natural and picturesque sights.

Recently I went to Vietnam Sapa for hiking, and the view and the experience was just amazing. Not only did I worked out tremendously by hiking 16kms in the valley, I also got to appreciate the beautiful scenery and interact with the locals at the same time. Keen to find out more about Sapa? Check out the Top 5 things to do in Sapa Vietnam.

Travel Workout No 3 – Find Somewhere to do Basic Exercises

Just because you don’t have access to the usual tools you’ve become accustomed to at the gym doesn’t mean you can’t still make the most of your surroundings. Instead of using a bench press, consider lifting a couple of heavy blocks of wood. Who needs a treadmill when you can just go for a jog in the wilderness? Exercise mats aren’t a requirement for aerobic workouts. Make the most of your location.

And if you have Wifi access in your rooms, you can even follow YouTube videos and do travel workout together.  Personally I love “FigureRobics” taught by Korean hot mum Jungdayeon. Her exercises are so simple yet effective, making me feeling refreshed and relaxed every time.


Travel Workout No 4 – Create a Meal Plan

We’ve already touched on how what you eat can have an impact on your fitness, and creating a plan of attack is only going to help you with that. You can find online tools to help you craft a meal plan, which can be implemented when it comes to the holiday itself.

Naturally, if you’re headed to foreign shores, there’s a chance you might not be able to find all the ingredients you require. As such, you’ll have to substitute them for local products – or just forgo that part of the recipe altogether.

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Travel Workout No 5 – Take the Gym with You

If you can’t find a gym when you’re out there, but are dedicated to working out with more regular equipment, a good option is to take some weight sets with you. These don’t have to be complex – potentially even just a few dumbbells.

If bringing weights are too heavy for you, consider renting a bicycle and explore the town instead! When I went to Taiwan Tainan, I opted for renting a bicycle from my homestay. With my reliable 2-wheel vehicle, I managed to explore most parts of Tainan, while working out. It was a good trip of course, as cycling allowed me to explore the city at a much slower pace. Keen to find out more? Check out my 3D2N Tainan Travel Guide.

3D2N Tainan Travel Guide

Hope you now have a better understanding of how to stay in shape when you next head off on holiday. Follow these simple travel workouts and you’ll find yourself staying in top shape throughout your adventures. Have fun traveling!