15 Devils Marbles Images To Inspire You To Travel

Oh Devils Marbles, doesn’t the name sound so devil and evil? If the name already makes you start fantasizing, the actual view will make your jaw drop! Located 100 kilometers south of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, the Devils Marbles NT are huge granite boulders scattered across a wide, shallow valley. Check out 15 Devils Marbles images to inspire you to travel. 

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire - How were they formed?

Formed by erosion over millions of years, many of the giant stones are precariously balanced on top of one another, appearing to defy gravity! The marbles continue to crack and erode today, creating an ever-changing landscape.

If you have the chance, visit the beautiful site during sunrise and sunset, as the boulders appear to glow and change colour, from pink to bright red, similar to the other geological wonders in the Northern Territory, Uluru and Kata Tjuta. 

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire-weird-pose

I'm Superwoman!

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire-view

On top of the devils.

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire top-view

They vary in size, from 50 centimeters up to 6 meters across.

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15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire scene

Marbles defying gravity.

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire-road-view

The Devils Marbles extends along both sides of the Stuart Highway.

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire-pose

He's Superman!

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire weird-pose

Trying too hard to be a hero...

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15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire-pose-lifting

Trying hard to push it!

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire ninja

Kacha! Ninja Warrior.

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire-hill

What a steep climb.

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire stretching

Stretching his limit.

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15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire beauty

This seems to be the only decent pose with the marbles...

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire-road

Gorgeous view along the highway.

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire termite-nest

Guess what? The termite nest is even taller than me!

15 Devils Marbles Images to Inspire tennant-creek-sunset

Beautiful sunset view at Tennant Creek.

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  • This looks awesome!

  • Glad you like it! Yes I had a lot of fun taking those pictures! You will enjoy too when you are there!

  • At first I am not sure where it is but then I realize it’s in Australia.
    Nice pictures and cool scenery – especially I just revisited the photos of my trip to the outback earlier! @knycx.jounreying


  • Looks like you had this amazing place all to yourself 😀 Looks like a fund ay! Love the pictures and the marbles are really gravity defying. I really want to visit that place now!

    • Yes I’m so amazed too at how they defy gravity! Mother nature does the wonder!

  • The Devils Marbles are really stupendous. What a marvel of nature that the rocks are poised as they are. I am always fascinated by rocks and their shapes and formations. They stand as silent sentinels watching the passage of time.

    • Totally agree! They are indeed marvelous and probably the “wisest beings” on earth!

  • A couple of weeks ago I hiked to the Devil’s Marbleyard in Virginia. So cool that there is a similar named place elsewhere. Love your photos. They make me want to visit the rugged Australia outback.

    • Wow I wish to go Devil’s Marbleyard in Virginia. Is the landscape similar too?

  • These photos are awesome! It reminds me a lot of Bryce Canyon in Utah in the US. I’ve never been to Australia, so this is just adding to the reasons as to why I need to get there!